Interview with Shadow from the novel Fate and Destiny

Collins: I wanted to give the readers of “Fate and Destiny” a little more insight into the characters, so today, I am here with Shadow. He is a black lab mix owned by Andrew Greer.



Collins: Hey, Shadow.

Shadow: (Puts his paw up to shake)


Collins: You’re a good boy.

Shadow: (Tail wags)


Collins: I heard you found an unconcious, half-dead woman in the woods.

Shadow: Barks (runs in circles)


Collins: What did you think of her?

Shadow: (Head and shoulders down on the ground, back end wiggling happily. His tail goes crazy)


Collins: You like Destiny, huh? She must be a good person.

Shadow: (Rolls over to have his tummy scratched)


Collins: But didn’t she shoot you?

Shadow: Whimpers (Rolls over and plays dead)


Collins: That’s how you were, and you still like her?

Shadow: (Jumps up, barks, and wags the tail more)


Collins: What did you think of Charles DeMont?

Shadow: Snarls then growls


Collins: Down boy. We won’t talk about him anymore.

Shadow: (Raises one eyebrow and cocks his head)


Collins: Thanks for coming today Shadow. It’s always a pleasure rubbing your tummy.

Shadow: (Puts up paw to shake)


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3 responses to “Interview with Shadow from the novel Fate and Destiny

  1. Shadow definitely seems like a character to love! I wonder if he’d like the Shadow in my novel, A Spark of Heavenly Fire. Since my Shadow is a little boy, they should get along fine.

  2. Oh he loves children! And it’s a good thing too with Andrew’s huge family around.

  3. ~Sia~

    All that hard work with Shadow and you didn’t even give him a cookie for his trouble? For shame.

    As far as I’m concerned, Lassie was an amateur, in comparison to the indomitable Shadow.

    Shame he didn’t let his wolf come out to play and rip Charles’ throat out. Can’t think of a person deserving it more.

    Shadow is wonderful!

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